ENSTA Bretagne

Boat name: ENSTA Bretagne
Boat length: 1.85 m
Boat weight: 10 kg
Keel length: 0.63 m

ensta bretagne photo

The team from Brest, France is competing with a class 10R Oxygen sailboat with a full carbon hull. There are two set of sails, one for strong wind and one for calm wind. The set of sails contains two sails : one jib and one mainsail.
The rudder is controlled by a servomotor HS-325HB Hitec STANDARD and the sails by an RMG 380EL. The boat can be controlled manually through an ImmersionRC 433 MHz radio link. The power is provided by 2 Li-Po batteries 2S 800/1000 mAh.
A ZOTAC Pico computer, a Razor AHRS, a USB GPS, a Pololu Mini Maestro servo controller and a wind sensor on top of the mast enable the boat to sail autonomously. A Cytron RC multiplexer can switch the actuators between autonomous or manual control at any time using the radio remote control. Wi-Fi is used to configure the autonomous missions.