WRSC2015 will be arranged on September 1st-4th at the Maritime Quarter of Mariehamn. This is located by the shore of Slemmern Bay, just north of the Eastern Harbor of Mariehamn and in walking distance to the centre of Mariehamn. The quarter is a traditional Åland boat harbour with a marina for small ships and wooden boats.

The WRSC is a competition open to fully autonomous and unmanned sailing boats up to 4m in length. The championship will include two classes, a micro-sailboat (MS) and a sailboat (S) category.  The micro-sailboat category is for autonomous sailboats up to 1 metre LOA and weighing no more than 100 kg, and the sailboat category is for sailboats up to 4 metres LOA, and weighing no more than 500 kg. The motorboats category will not be arranged at WRSC2015. The regatta will include a series of short distance racing, navigation and autonomy challenges. The complete rules for the championships are available below.



The scoring can be seen here.

The schedule for the competitions (may be subject to change due to weather or other circumstances):

Tuesday Sep 19-14Station keeping
Wednesday Sep 29-18Area scanning
Thursday Sep 39-16Triangular course
Friday Sep 410Fleet race
Friday Sep 414-16Closing session, awards, evaluation

Tracking system

You can follow the competing boats during the races, and display their tracks afterwards on tracking.wrsc2015.com. If you are not a team member, you don’t need to sign up, you can use the website anyway. See the instructions page.

Buoy placement

The buoys will be positioned as follows below.
For the triangular course the starting line is marked by the line between the two western buoys (SW and NW). Then the boats shall pass outside the northeast buoy (NE) and the southwest buoy (SW) and then cross the finishing line between the two northern buoys (NE and NW).
For the fleet race the starting and finishing line will be southward from the southwest buoy of the large course (LARGE-SW) and be marked by LARGE-SW and a start boat or possibly SMALL-SE.

Large course

Area scanning (Sailboat)
Triangular course (Sailboat)
Fleet race (all)
LARGE-SW (same as SMALL-NE)60,105019,9500

Small course

Station keeping (all)
Area scanning (microsailboat)
Triangular course (microsailboat)
SMALL-NE (Same as LARGE-SW)60,105019,9500

Thank you Ålcom for providing IT-infrastructure and mobile data access during the championships!