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WRSC & IRSC 2015 is over!

Thank you all teams, paper authors and everyone who has helped during this week.

IRSC 2015 was very interesting, with papers covering many areas connected to robotic sailing.

Best paper award to José Carlos Alves and Holger Klinck

Best paper award to José Carlos Alves and Holger Klinck

The first day of WRSC had less wind than we had wished for, and the second day was windier and rainier than most teams like it. Credit to Autonomus who went out in these circumstances.

Thursday and Friday of the championship had very nice weather conditions, and we hope you all remember Åland Islands this way.
ENSTA Bretagne and IfA Autonomous


Åland Sailing Robots and ENSTA Bretagne

Hoping to see all of you again next year!

First championship day

The current scores can be found at the tracking system scores page

There was not much wind parts of the first championship day.

But towards the afternoon and evening we had a few boats out on the water.

Thank you Quentin Descours for the images!

The weather for the second day does not look any good, but we may have some brave teams out.